Your child’s uniqueness matched, at every step!

Welcome to HeadOverHeels

At ‘Head Over Heels’ we uncompromisingly excel to bring out the best in                                                  your early learners.                                              

A child friendly premises managed by trained staff, teachers & managing team, situated at the heart of Magarpatta city. 

Since 2006

About Us

Your child’s uniqueness matched, at every step!


To inspire curiosity,  lifelong learning, independent thinking in children while ensuring that the learning experience is strong, sound and foresighted.To build a learning ground and the learning experience so sound,


Allow each child to “Research” and explore oneself and their immediate surroundings which should “Inspire” not just the child himself or herself but also the people around him/her thereby being able to “Accomplish” 


Head Over Heels started with the aim to create a small change in the minds of people to enable them view learning & schooling as an experience to build knowledge and improvise on any given opportunity and not just attend 


  • Daycare

4 Month  – 12 Years

  Adult | Child Ratio

Schoolers -1:1

Timing : 9Am – 7:30Pm

  • Nursery

2.5 Years  – 3.5Years

Adult | Child Ratio

    Schoolers -1:2

  • Sr.KG / U KG

3.5 Years  – 4.5 Years

Adult | Child Ratio

Schoolers 1:5

  • Playgroup

1.5 Years  – 2.5 Years

Adult | Child Ratio

Schoolers -1:2

  • Jr.KG / L KG

3.5 Years  – 4.5 Years

Adult | Child Ratio

Schoolers -1:5

  • Drop in

3.5 Years  – 4.5 Years

     Adult | Child Ratio

      Schoolers – 1:5

Admission Open

Your child’s uniqueness matched, at every step!

What Parent's Says

Neha & Puneet

Hi Kavitha and Ashwini,
It’s been over 3 months now that Mishka and us have joined the HOH family Head Over Heels is a home away from home for Mishka. We are amazed at how well she


Hi Kavitha,
Thanks for conducting this session at the daycare. We are delighted to find Kushal was awarded the golden star Keep up the good job in differentiating our daycare 

Sonal Sinha

Hi Kavitha,
I think this session was a great idea. Aarush seemed to have enjoyed it and looking forward for the next one which, he told me is for July.Aarush told me Ma’am 

Partner with us

Corporates are allowed to visit our premises and suggest us to their employees as a preferred center for preschooling and child care.

Presently Head Over Heels has corporate tie-ups with two prestigious companies in Magarpatta city. These two companies have assessed Head Over Heels childcare services and have recommended the same to their employees as the preferred daycare partner.Similarly, Head Over Heels is in discussions with other companies in the adjoining area to have a similar tie-up. Interested companies can approach us by emailing us at