About Us

Head Over Heels was founded in 2010 by Mrs. Kavitha Krishnamurthy Singh and Mrs. Seetha Murthy putting into effect their experiences, practices and standards learned in India and overseas. This has helped them in developing and establishing Head Over Heels as the preferred child care center for leading corporates. Our motto is “Learning while having fun in a safe environment.”

Head Over Heels is a pre-school with the ideal environment for children to learn, create & express themselves in their own unique way. We help them build confidence and establish their individuality through an intellectually and emotionally stimulating curriculum. Our curriculum allows children to explore, research and learn by themselves, under the guidance of highly skilled teachers. Children are presented with an environment that helps them develop their natural instincts, to help sustain and support their natural way of being.

Tour of HOH

The school layout works around the concept of one room one theme. Hence we have one room each with the theme of maths, alphabets, kitchen, environment, creativity and games.

The sessions are conducted in different rooms each week based on the activities for that week. Each room has been designed keeping in mind these themes, instead of the conventional class-wise method, which not only allows a variety in learning but also helps your child develop an area of specific interest.