WhyHead Over Heels Learning Center?

Children are the most essential part of our school and we trust in them to validate everything we do. We promise our children that we will do everything in our capacity to make them better citizens of the world. A school belongs to a child and we as adults are only facilitators to their needs. It is our responsibility to give them a safe and enjoyable experience during these crucial foundation years of their lives.

As school facilitators we will endeavour to provide for all the learning needs that a child would seek for during their time with us. Our curriculum planning integrates health and food, life skills, moral values, culture and religion, physical fitness and academics.

Our Top USPs

Teacher Child Ratio

We have always believed that inquiring minds will have loads of questions and they need attention and answer immediately. Our experience has taught us that a healthy teacher child ratio not only helps a teacher and child build a healthy communication in the learning time but also enhances a child’s confidence and communication skills. Our pre-primary teacher child ratio is 1:5 with a class strength of 20 children and our primary teacher child ratio is 1:15 with a class strength of 30 children.


More often than not, parents do wonder daily about what happened in the school. To solve this we give a daily update to parents through our PTA team who in turn pass it on to their respective grade parents about every session that was conducted for the day. This efficiently relieves the parent of asking the child about what was done that day and effectively allows a quality time for the parent and child to discuss the daily learning time.


Academic learning takes care of information building in each child. Equally important are extra-curricular activities. Although children will be groomed around all of these events they are required to take a minimum of one event as a part of their extra- curricular agenda.


Goal based learning gives each child the level of understanding to know his/her strengths and take it ahead by monitoring it periodically. This is very commonly done at the corporate levels using Kan Ban, Fishbone, 6sigma, etc however introducing this to children at an early stage in learning will make this a part of their daily life. Children will learn to make their own data files to track their performances and gain confidence from their improvements.

Integrated Theme based Learning

Our integrated curriculum design gives every child to see, feel and experience each topic in a class, be it History, Science or Math, by applying them to the real world. To take this ahead at home the parent only needs to make the child a part of everything they do as a household Eg – decision making for a day’s menu, event management for a gathering at home, debate on the current topics of the news either on the media or in personal life, negotiate on situations for pros and cons and many such practical discussions that will be necessary in the growing years.

Importance to Creativity over Rote Learning

Creative learning is a must to understand real life situations. Planning, problem solving, process making, implementation, feedback acceptance, etc are the most needed skills in today’s world. When these skills are taught at an early stage in school they become a part of the child in everything they do.