Childcare And A Working Me.

When I chose to consider a childcare option for my 4 month old son, I was in UK. I was still on the payroll of a prestigious bank managing the role of a process and quality manager. The perks of my office were something any employee would crave for. Yet after getting a 9 month maternity break and an extended 3 month leave I could not let go off my son to any childcare provider.[…]

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Uff Homework

Over the last few decades that I have known schooling, it is not just a place to study, make friends and have fun but also a place to “study”, pass exams and have loads of homework. I personally feel kids dread homework more than exams!!!! Exams once done are over and we can move on to the next set of exams however although homework is given each day and it is finished the same day it mysteriously follows the child the next day back from school.[…]

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Our Son Represents India

It is a proud moment not just for us and our family but I believe when our flag is brought up on a different land for a wonderful achievement it is a proud moment for every citizen of this country. After a long time I am back to blogging and I have amazing news to share with you all. The story goes something like this[…]

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Adoption, A Beautiful Option

Why do I want 2 kids? Well my husband and I have siblings and we know how much fun it is to have a friend right at home all the time to play to share to fight to care and just so much more. As a child I have had my share of fights with my older brother and the regular cribbing with my mom and dad that they loved him more than me. But today as a mother of 2, I have realized that as a parent you can never make a choice between your kids. Yes you may have opinion on your child’s capabilities and I guess that only helps in making your child work on their weakness and be a better person however it is never to show down on either of them ever. My husband too shares […]

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"No" Is An Important Word

As women we all have reached that point where we would want to cut off the hands of the guy who touches us while walking on the road or travelling in the bus or train or while we are running to catch a train or a rick or a bus. I never really had the courage to retaliate when such a thing happened although the best I could do was give a stare and I thought I was daring. The 1st time I was told to dare further was by my good friend Kalpana. A petite figure who always wore high heels and always well dressed. Once on a regular day, when we were on Dadar bridge crossing from Central railway to Western railway, a guy brushed past me and I just said a loud “hey”. […]

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