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Our Son Represents India

It is a proud moment not just for us and our family but I believe when our flag is brought up on a different land for a wonderful achievement it is a proud moment for every citizen of this country.

After a long time I am back to blogging and I have amazing news to share with you all. The story goes something like this.

My son was 3 years old when my husband and I realized that he is not just in love with cars but is just too much into it. There were times when we were scared that if he got his hands on our car keys then he would just start to drive. He would very keenly check on our hand and feet movements when we drove. Although he was always strapped on a car seat on the rear seating in our car, his eyes were all on how we drive. We were quite impressed with this keen urge he had however were not sure how to take this ahead. We noticed that he was just not happy with only playing with cars but the speed was what actually attracted him the most. Neither my husband nor I have any interest in any motor sport so we only kept wondering how we could channelize this energy and get him to feel at peace.

One day we sat down to research to understand how Narain Karthikeyan started his journey as an Indian into the European dominated sport of Formula 1 racing. His write ups showed us that he had to start with karting and then move forward with many Indian and International Championships. So we narrowed it down to racing schools in India and luckily we found a racing school that was coaching kids just about15 mins away from our house. We immediately went there to enquire and got Ranvir our little 5.5 yr old (in 2013) to test with the racing team called Rayo Racing. Ranvir was quite excited to get into a baby kart with a baby helmet. He was explained just how to go about the driving and control and he was asked to try out. Unable to contain his urge to pick speed he zoomed off and straight went into the side tyre railings and crashed. We rushed to the spot and the team carefully got him out of the kart. Looking all shaken up he asked us to take him home.

We grabbed him close to us. It is not a happy sight to see your child crash in a motor vehicle but we held ourselves strong. We packed up and went home thinking to ourselves that this ends here.

Next morning Ranvir sprang out of the bed and said I want to go back to drive. This moment till date gives me goose bumps when I recall. We tried to convince him that he could get hurt and injured way more. However Ranvir was very clear in his head. He insisted us to take him back to the track and said he will drive carefully. We realized that he had no fear for this sport and all that we could do is to support him in his passion that was very evident that morning.

We took him back to track and of course the team was extremely surprised to see him. They quickly set up his baby kart and zoom he went. There has been no turning back since then. Ranvir has had many such incidents of crashes and injuries however it has made him way more disciplined. Being able to follow his passion has taught him to respect the sport, the team mates an opponents, the coaches and every other mechanic who takes care of his kart. Being a 9 year old I see him humble and compassionate. The most important thing he has learnt is to be disciplined in terms of his daily exercise routine. He is aware of his food patterns to be followed when he is on and off track. I am sure my husband and I can say that managing a 9 year old was never easier.

Ranvir joined Rayo Racing of Mumbai in the year 2014. Rayomand Banajee being the team owner was always quite happy with Ranvir’s performance. He encouraged him at every step of his learning hill. Steve and Karl always motivated Ranvir. Steve along with the mechanics took particular care of Ranvir’s kart for all his races. Under Rayo Racing Ranvir took part in many IndiKarting 4 stoke races that were conducted across india. Much to our surprise he won many podiums in his 1st year of racing in 2016. In the year 2017 Ranvir moved to BPC racing of Bangalore where he was wisely guided by team coach Pramod Ghorpade. Richard Amos, the data guru and guide, stood by Ranvir through every track day to help him steer the right way. The mechanics Selva anna and Madhi anna ( as Ranvir fondly calls them) were always present to attend to any requirements of his kart for every practice and race and ensured his kart had everything it needed for the win. Team BPC supported Ranvir towards many wins in the year 2017. Ranvir also participated in international races in Malaysia under the guidance of team coach Ijaz and represented his team DRM. Thanks to Richard Amos for motivating us to take Ranvir to an International platform in year 2017 by showing us the facts about the potential in Ranvir for this sport. Ijaz and Richard worked wonders with him and Ranvir got his 1st international podium in Malaysia. Year 2018 started with the invitational race in Sri Lanka for X30 southeast Asia championship where Ranvir won a podium. He also participated in The Asia Max Challenge invitational race in Malaysia and finished at 1st position.

Wishing him all the luck for a wonderful 2018. Make India proud…

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