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Uff Homework

Over the last few decades that I have known schooling, it is not just a place to study, make friends and have fun but also a place to “study”, pass exams and have loads of homework. I personally feel kids dread homework more than exams!!!! Exams once done are over and we can move on to the next set of exams however although homework is given each day and it is finished the same day it mysteriously follows the child the next day back from school.

I remember as a child I never evaded school for the learning but always had amazing reasons to bunk school because I just could not gather myself to do that monotonous homework. Back then I remember it was very important for us to write and learn as we had just about entered the computer age of mainframes. Human brain probably hadn’t dreamt of a touch screen then. But in todays age too when I see children having to spend an hour to complete their homework I truly feel sad for them. I believe that homework would be given for a small bit of revision and getting the parents to understand how much the child understood about what happened in class. This is absolutely acceptable. I would like to make myself clear that I am not against the tradition of homework however it hurts me to see when kids come back home after 6-7 hours of school time and have to get back to studies all-over again, and that too for a good 1-2 hours. Are we not getting our kids to understand that it is normal to bring work home, be it school or office. So my question here is why do adults / parents complain about getting office work home while they are completely acceptable to the thought of a child bringing work home.

A child who has to wake up by 6am to leave for school by 7am for a class that starts at 8am needs to get to bed by a minimum of 8pm to get a good 10 hour sleep. I have barely heard of kids getting to bed even by 9pm leave alone 7.30pm or 8pm. It's strange when I hear parents shocked at the thought of their child having the need to sleep for 10 hours.

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