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Childcare And A Working Me.

When I chose to consider a childcare option for my 4 month old son, I was in UK. I was still on the payroll of a prestigious bank managing the role of a process and quality manager. The perks of my office were something any employee would crave for. Yet after getting a 9 month maternity break and an extended 3 month leave I could not let go off my son to any childcare provider.

Having worked for 10 years and now a mother I finally had to learn to let go, for the 1st time. Deciding that my child was more important I let go my job, but I knew I was certainly not letting go off my career. I had always read and learnt from my child’s home visit doctor that the 1st few months of a child’s upbringing are the most beautiful ones. The 1st smile, the 1st tooth, the 1st crawl, the 1st walk, the 1st fall n so much more. I happily quit my glorious job and decided to bask in the happiness of motherhood.

However I did realise one very important thing. I could have had my job and my motherhood to myself if only at least one childcare provider had convinced me about taking the best care of my child in my absence. Just like any other mother I felt my child is the most precious one on Earth. I had visited at least 6 centres however they all only told me what facilities they had, how many diapers to send for my child, what food would be fed and at what time, how they are particular about the drop and pick up time and how much extra I would have to pay for a delayed pick up and so on…I did not have a single childcare provider understand how difficult it is for me to hand my child to a complete stranger. If only they had understood me and my child and hand held me with this big transition for me and my child.

Since I had quit my job, my husband and I decided to move back to India. I certainly knew that work time here is not 9am – 5pm and so I decided to take a long break from professional work. My process and quality management brain however did not stop functioning. After reviewing many options I chose to settle down for a work profile that will help me stay with my child and still work. Could not have a better option and thus arrived Head Over Heels and its 1st centre in Magarpatta City, Pune.

Here my mother and I decided to bring in all our learnings and experiences from abroad as we believe that no learning is a waste. Apart from providing a safe, hygienic, airy and well spaced environment to a child we also insisted on the adult to child ratio which became our usp. The entire staff at Head Over Heels relentlessly works to make the child and parent happy throughout the day. What we have certainly taken care of at Head Over Heels is to understand that just like each child is precious and important to their parents, the parents too are extremely important to us.

Handholding the parents through the child’s early years is what makes the parent-child-caretaker relationship a valuable and treasured one.

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